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Single Pet Test
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Single Pet Test
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The Well Balanced Pet hair mineral analysis test kit is the best way to analyze your pet's nutritional and environmental health long term. We offer the best insight into your pet's needs and environmental impact from the comfort of your home! With this Well Balanced Pet single pet test kit you will receive all of the following: -Expert over the phone interpretation from our lab!. -Professional nutritional recommendations specific to YOUR pet! -57 mineral hair analysis -Shipping and mailing supplies -Your test results detailed as shown in the example test results
Customer Reviews
Rating At first I was nervous to buy... Glad I did, it worked.
  At first I was a little apprehensive to purchase the kit. However, after speaking with Kamran on the phone he reassured me that this was THE product I needed for my poodle. My poodle was suffering from a lack of energy and would get really tired after playing with my husband (she is still very young) and we didn't know why. The Vet mentioned we should consider changing her diet, so we looked online for advice. After receiving the product in the mail, we read the very simple instructions on how to perform the test and within 30 minutes of opening the envelope we were done with the test. After about two weeks I received shocking information about my dog's health. Looks like my poodle (Petunia) needed ALOT more protein in her diet as well as some other essential minerals. After two weeks of adding protein and giving her supplements we noticed she was back to her normal self... phew... I'd highly recommend this product, if you're nervous to purchase (like I was) I'd recommend calling their phone number and talking to one of their customer service reps.
  Reviewed by:  Ana Sudolsky from Huntington Beach, California. on 1/15/2013
Rating Love knowing what's going on
  The test results are great, I found out that my Yorkie was low in iron and magnesium. The detailed test results gave more information than I needed, but had explanations telling me the right steps to correct her health. The results told me more than my vet ever did! I never thought about adding liver to her diet until these test results. The only reason it's 4 stars is because the video showing how to do it didn't work for me.
  Reviewed by:  Kathie from Plymouth, MN. on 1/13/2013
Rating Worked for my dog
  I have a 4 year old yellow lab. He's slowed down quite a bit in the past year & the vet couldn't really give me an answer. At first, I was a little skeptical with this test, but I was willing to do whatever was necessary to try & help Willy. When I received the results, I was surprised to see that he was lacking iron. Based on that, I found the correct supplement. He's been on the multivitamin for the past 6 months & has totally changed! His fatigued is almost completely gone.
  Reviewed by:  Steven P. from San Diego, CA. on 9/24/2012
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